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Maryland Marital Settlement Agreement Form

Maryland Marital Settlement Agreement.doc The marital settlement agreement allows for the spouses in a divorce to come to an agreement with the properties, assets, and debts of a marriage.

Missouri Divorce Summons Form

Summons.doc The divorce summons must be served on the Defendant after the Petitioner files for divorce. There must be copies of all the forms filed with the county court clerk's office.

Connecticut Application for Name Change Form

Connecticut Application for Change of Name.pdf You must file this form with the county court clerk's office with the Name Change Affidavit and a check made payable to the clerk's office in the amount

Wisconsin Name Change Petition Form

Wisconsin Name Change Petition.pdf Use the Wisconsin name change petition when initially filing for a new name at the county court clerk's office in the State of Wisconsin.

Alabama LLC Document Copy Request Form

Alabama LLC Document Copy Request Form.pdf Use this form to request copies of any type of document from the Secretary of State's office for any Limited Liability Company.

Instructions How to Become a Notary in Colorado Form

Instructions How to Become a Notary in Colorado.pdf This form will guide an applicant seeking for a notary public certification from the Secretary of State's office.

California General Partnership Merger Form

California General Partnership Merger.pdf This form must be filed along with $30 and sent to: Secretary of State, Document Filing Support Unit, P.O. Box 944225, Sacramento, CA 94244-2250

Minnesota Trademark Application Form

Minnesota Trademark Application.pdf Use to register a trademark in Minnesota. Attach the $50 fee and send both items to: Minnesota Secretary of State - Business Services Retirement Systems of Minnesot

Mississippi Foreign Articles of Incorporation Form

Mississippi Foreign Articles of Incorporation.pdf Use to allow a corporation (profit or nonprofit) to be able to conduct business in Mississippi. Attach the filing fee (Non-Profit $100 - Profit $500),

IRS 5406 Request for Copy of Tax Return Form

IRS 5406 IRS 5406 Request for Copy of Tax Return.pdf Use Form 4506 to request a copy of your tax return. You can also designate (on line 5) a third party to receive the tax return.

Oklahoma Instructions to File For Divorce Form

How to File For Divorce in Oklahoma.pdf Follow the steps in these instructions to legally file for divorce in the State of Oklahoma.

Alabama Corporation Duplicate Name Reservation Form

Alabama Corporation Duplicate Name Reservation Form.pdf Use this form when requesting a duplicate corporation name in Alabama. The filing fee is only $10 and must be submitted to the AL Sec. of State'

Arizona Trademark Assignment Form

Arizona Trademark Assignment.pdf If a trademark is changing hands to another person or entity this form should be filed along with the $15 filing fee. Send to: Arizona Secretary of State Ken BennettAt

Idaho Domestic Non Profit Articles of Incorporation Form

Idaho Non Profit Articles of Incorporation.pdf This form allows a resident to register a non profit corporation in the State of Idaho. Attach the fee of $30 and send to the following address: Office o

Illinois Foreign LLC Dissolution Form

Illinois Foreign LLC Dissolution.pdf Send this form with a filing fee of $100 to the Secretary of State's office to cancel a foreign LLC in Illinois. Send the completed form and fee to: Department of